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Doneshia “DJ Chan Don” English is based in Washington, D.C. This Birmingham, AL native incorporates her southern trap upbringing into every genre from house to trip hop.  Owning her southern trill and belle charm, she creates a certain edge to the DJ world.


DJ Chan Don is a classically trained pianist who always had an interest in music.

With a background in healthcare, she began research on how music can impede Alzheimer's. She began creating playlists for a collective group of senior citizens who were in early stages of Alzheimer's. By collecting songs from  highlighted eras in their lives, she began to visibly see the joy from scrolling through songs and bringing them back to a familiar place. This is when interest became passion.


DJ Chan Don is a force to be reckoned with. She has a very versatile style and cannot be put into a box. With educational engagements, she plans to inspire and mentor youth the importance of education and help navigate those who have that interest just as she did.She finds a way to connect her music with fashion, technology, and education. 

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